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Cohesiva is an IT Special Task Unit. In the world of IT challenges, there’s nothing our team retreats from.

Who We Are

Our specialty is the creation of IT systems using Java Enterprise Edition technology and applying the popular Scrum methodology. We possess the requisite expertise both in technical terms, encompassing designer-programmers, system architects and technology leaders, and as regards project and team management.


Our Clients

We work with those for whom the IT solutions are a ticket to the dynamic development of their business. Software is a tool that allows you to outrun competition, globalise services, enter into new market niches. In our hands it is a tool of extraordinary firepower.


Agile distributed team

Inspired by the actions of special forces, we practise agility and flexibility when approaching the challenges set before us by our clients. Our teams produce software in short cycles, providing business value from the first day of the project, also when working in a distributed environment.

Scrum Process Diagram